BELL Garden

Welcome to BELL Garden!

The BELL Garden exists to cultivate, guide, and encourage shared community values of healthy living and lifelong learning.

The BELL Garden supports this mission by providing practical learning opportunities for residents of the community in a setting that promotes physical activity, healthy eating, environmental stewardship, and multi-cultural connections for all generations.

Current initiatives include classroom interaction & hands on lessons in the garden, community events, garden workdays, an after school garden program, and produce tastings.Bell Garden is committed to sharing our harvest with the entire community, including those in need.

Come visit BELL Garden is home to..... •

  • a daylily garden
  • 11 backyard hens & their coop
  • portable classroom/kitchen
  • fruit tree orchard
  • a butterfly garden
  • healthy fruits and vegetables/in ground and raised beds
  • Our garden is open to all visitors from dawn until dusk unless class is in session.
  • For more information contact our garden manager at